Love, Poetry…Etsy!


Ike, one of our first painted corsets done by the airbrush/graffiti artist Sergio.

It’s official! The company I design/work for, Love, Poetry Corsets, now have our Etsy page up and running! We’ve just listed some of the old Art Series corset from last year’s calendar. Hopefully we’ll have the time this year to do one for next year. It’s all for the cause don’tcha know (children’s art therapy). And who doesn’t love support local artists? I’m so proud of all my ridiculously talented friends who were able to donate their time, efforts and talents to this project. Check us out if you have the time. 


The LPC ladies (myself in one of our Art Series Corsets painted by my best friend Sarah) at Fan Expo 2013.

“… but the corset had the odd power of making her seem somehow more naked; it turned her into a forbidden, armored creature with a soft side inside he had to hunt for.”
― Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex


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