Minion Custom Garter/Flask Belts


Garter/Flask Belt for my cellphone made from scrap corset fabrics.

“One kind of man I impatiently scorn is the kind that looks bored if I mention Ibsen or ceramics or Aztec civilization but is interested instantly, alertly, if I mention my garters.”

-Mary MacLane

No more messing around. ‘Tis the year and the season to get everything up and running as it should! Time to start anew! My pet project from last year has finally been launched on Etsy! Came up with the idea last year to make garter belts with flask pouches that can also be used to carry your cellphone around (infinitely useful at tradeshows let me tell you.) It’s a rather stylish way to keep yourself hands-free without sacrificing all the trinkets that we so dearly covet. It’s all I use at tradeshows now but they’re also good for weddings, costumes, cosplay etc. We shall see what happens but it’s a good way to get rid of some of that scrap corset material. I gotta get a move on this year! It’s time to get off my ass and start making things happen. When my man’s decided he needs time for himself to focus and make a something out of himself, well why can’t I? Anything you can do, I can do better buddy! It’s on! The explosion of creativity is ON! Go all out or go home. #NewYearsResolution2014



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