Fairy Godmother

“Aren’t fairy godmothers supposed to be nice and make you feel better about yourself?

…No, you’re confusing fairy godmothers with sales clerks.”
― Janette RallisonMy Fair Godmother

So it was my dear friend Dawn’s birthday yesterday and her husband was throwing her an extravagant Mardis Gras birthday party. With everything being left to the last minute, I was in charge of the decorations. Single handed. Where were my little animal helper friends?

So there I scurried around with ladders and streamers. I cut out panels to go as inserts in the dining room. Hung bead curtains and lights in the front hall. Hung twirly wirlys from the lights and ceilings so that the light would catch them.

Then there was the scurrying around for everyone else when they came home with various goings on for the party. It took me 12 hours but it got done just in time for the party. Afterwards, I went upstairs to take a shower and just sat on the floor and balled my eyes out for five minutes before getting ready.

But in summation, I’m a magical fairy godmother to get this all done all by myself without any assistance. That is all.




 P.S. Does anyone else drink beer out of a sippy cup?



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