Mistress of the Sea

So what do you get one of your best friends who has been more than kind to you and has let you crash in her guest room for the past couple months and also happens to be your boss? Yeah, I thought so. Good question eh? I’m poor so there wasn’t anything crazy that I could buy so that leaves making something, but what? Her party was New Orleans themed so I was trying to go with that.


So it started with sculpy, an rough idea about a voodoo doll and gris gris and all that jazz after hours and hours of a sleepless night wasted on pintrest and Etsy.


Then it started to become more mermaid that voodoo or spirit doll, so I kinda had to go with that. Using nail polish to paint sculpy has, of late, turned out a lot better than expected. It gives more sparkle and more of a metallic finish. How magical.


I kinda went a little wild with the hair, any kind of funky wool I could find, which, luckily enough, my Mum happened to have a selection. (I’m quite enthralled with her new sewing room.) I was pulling inspiration from Sedna the sea witch, voodoo dolls, spirit dolls and mermaids And it turned into…Hurricane Katrina!

(What? It was New Orleans Themed.)



“Marriage to the sea. What would a prince not give to have such an elemental mistress?” – The Tudors, Season 3



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