Last Caress

So, the sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day. Perfect to hole myself up in the craft room.

I’ve been obsessed with a Misfits tshirt I got years ago. (And I mean years ago, I got it in high school.) It has skeleton hands (that glow in the dark) grabbing your boobs. That t-shirt is currently dying so in the spirit of it, I’ve been designing quiet a few things around it. First there came my pin up dress with the skeletons having sex on it. (Boning bones, get it?)


But it’s not like anything I do just stops when one project is done now does it? Soooo, Dawn was going through her closet, creating a huge Goodwill bag and was going to toss out a couple bras that still had the tags on them. I scoop them up and scurry off to the office with some bead glue and the left-over crystals from my unicorn shoes.


It’s hard to believe I used to blush whenever anyone said the word underwear eh? You have my mother and Nana to thank for that one. But I think it’s pretty cute no?


“Sweet lovely death
I am waiting for your breath
Come sweet death
One last caress

One last caress, sweet death
One last caress, sweet death”

– “Last Caress” – The Misfits


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