A Horse of a Different Colour…


Ok, so it REALLY goes with the hair. Sometimes, a girl just needs to feel magical.

Now that I’ve got the plain white design down pat, it’s time for variation! I’ve always been one to buck the trend, because let’s be serious, colours are way more fun. Magic is sometimes as dark, mysterious and beautiful as the night sky. Who needs white all the time? It makes me feel magical especially after being called a Fairy Godmother by one of my childhood friends who I was helping with her wedding dress fitting and makeup today. I always wanted to be magical…a Fairy Godmother to be exact, but these days, I would just really like to be magical. (And employed, I got two upcoming jobs today. Yay being a starving artist!)


A purple horn? I guess it’s just a horse of a different colour!


“I may not be a horse whisperer, but I certainly can and do shout at unicorns.”
― Jarod Kintz



I really hope I’m going to be able to find the metal pendant again. It’s kind of perfect for what I need it for. Here’s to hoping but for now, they’re super limited edition!



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