Baby’s First Portrait!


26 Weeks!

Not mine, obviously! Somedays I love being a Fairy Godmother. I’ve just decided that needs to be a job. Or at least a job description. I got to see my friend and old pole dancing teacher Lindsay today. I can’t believe baby’s on the way! I did the makeup for her wedding way back when! (Like a year ago.)

So Lindz, being the creative type that she is let me turn her belly into a work of art! I’ve been doing this for friends for years now. It’s a great baby shower gift from me! Historically, there are/were cultures who would paint a woman’s stomach to ward off evil and offer protection etc. It’s a great, unique and personal way of celebrating pregnancy! Makes for great photoshoots too.

1620424_10152287750398895_1137559050_n 10151750_10152287750283895_558008852_n

I took the picture of her baby boy’s ultra sound and painted it up there on the right and a map of Greece, because, well, TMI but apparently the little guy was made in Greece!



4 thoughts on “Baby’s First Portrait!

  1. Oh! O My God! That’s amazing! You are much wealthy in creative pieces of work! Superb. I have loved it and shared it on my social media and on my blog as well. Keep rocking the belly like this.


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