Sarah the Wooly Unicorn


To this day, I’m still trying to figure out how I met Sarah. One second there was life without Sarah, the next, how the hell did I live without that girl? Somewhere along the lines, we met in college. I didn’t realize I was only half a person until I met this girl. She just got me. Makeup students, trying to prove we were more than just red lipstick, working sh!tty retail jobs at a generic mall. Go team awesome. Somewhere between the sculpting all nighters, the after class spreading papers all over the bed, the Thursdays at the bar and the “cut class day because we need to make an epic British Breakfast”, I found a girl who truly got me. She knew more about me just from a look than anything I could have ever put into words for her. She can look at any piece of my artwork and tell me what is missing in order for it to be finished.


We’ve been through more than a little bit of heartbreak together. There’s been way more than one bout of heart-wrenching sobbing. There’s been many phone-calls, hurried trips through the city for chicken wings and beer, text messages and “girl, what the hell are you doing?”s. Unheeded warnings and “he’s not good enough for you”s. There’s been deaths and work dramas and “I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life”s. There’s been nights on the town and girls nights in and adventures in abandoned buildings. There’s been deaths, births, laughter, tears and heartbreaks. There’s been everything but the consistent has always been that we had each other. The girl who I don’t see nearly enough but when we’re together, it’s like no time has passed at all.

Every time I get a phone call that some guy isn’t treating her right (I’m not allowed to meet any of them because apparently I’ll scare them off,) my heart breaks. This is a woman who is too beautiful to ever be sad. She’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met. She’s independent, driven and strong. This is a girl who is going places and the only way she would ever fail would be because the world just isn’t ready to handle her. She’s a quiet beauty, those shining eyes ever watchful but if you can crack that hard shell there’s a woman who is willing to give the world to the people she truly cares about. It will take a very, very special, unique person to deserve diamond in the rough.


I’m so proud of my Sarah Woolly Baby Unicorn. I used the reddish purple fake fur that doesn’t really resemble any natural animal in memory of all the monsters and creatures we created together or dreamed up in college. Flecks of gold for that pure talent and rare beauty she exudes. A tail that mimics feathers and faux leather paws that is Sarah’s signature bohemian style. Large dark eyes with top and bottom lashes (complete with flecks of glitter) like her own striking eyes and immaculate makeup. (She’s a makeup artist and she always looks flawless, honestly, I’ve always been jealous.) I also loosely based the eyes off of her latest painting. This unicorn takes on more of a creature feel to it than the others because really is magical, untamed, wild and free, fiery, and pure natural beauty. A mixture of a traditional British medieval unicorn and a Japanese dragon.

(C) Sarah Ebisuzaki 2014

(C) Sarah Ebisuzaki 2014

This is a soft sculpture portrait of one of my best friends, not just a cuddle toy to give you a hug when your own heart is broken or lend an ear to all your troubles. I can’t count the times this unicorn has had her heartbroken so be forward, you hurt this unicorn and you will have me to deal with! Don’t let the fact that she is tough and wild fool you, she really is as soft and cuddly as she looks! She love her as deeply and truly as I do…or else! She does have dragon in her after all!

IMG_1502 IMG_1504

Name: Sarah

Birthday: November 9

Species: Baby Wooly Unicorn

Size: 13” x 8”

Materials: Fake Fur, Plastic, False Lashes

Eyes: Hand sculpted, molded and cast in plastic

Available for Adoption: COMING SOON


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